Book Club

We are relaunching the Brighton Psychedelics Book Group in 2021. Previously the Book Group ran on a more or less monthly basis in 2017-18 and tackled books including:
Aldous Huxley ‘Doors of Perception’, ‘Island’
Matthew Clark ‘The Tawny One: Soma, Haoma and Ayahuasca’
John C Lilly ‘The Center of the Cyclone’
John Higgs ‘I Have America Surrounded: the Life of Timothy Leary’
Terence McKenna ‘Food of the Gods’
Allen Ginsberg & William Burroughs ‘The Yage Diaries’
Andy Letcher ‘Shroom: the Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom’
Timothy Leary ‘Exo-Psychology’
Stanislav Grof ‘The Holotropic Mind’
The group featured talks and presentations from authors and speakers including Matthew Clark, Craig Ingalls, John Higgs, Reanne Crane, David Bramwell, David da Souza and Dylan Burns.

Please see our facebook page for details on our Bookclub and up and coming events